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1982 Johnny Grubb hit three homeruns in 308 at bats. He hit one of those in his 27 at bats against lefty pitching. His S-O-M card values show that he hit two of the three against lefties. Sort of a doctored card in reverse.

Grubb was a platoon player (faced lefties 9%). I designate 1982 Grubb for percentage rolls. Just like subs. Against all pitchers roll 1-9: read versus left. 10-100: read versus right. 1-9: may start or pinch hit versus lefty if desired. 10-100: may not. His regulation for my game simulation--always dependent on his role within team dynamics and opposing team's starting pitchers--would be something on the order of START/BENCH/BENCH for a typical three game series.

1982 Grubb has no HR chances on basic side. On advanced side against lefties, he has homeruns at 2-4, 2-5, 2-6 (1-14 d20 roll chance or double) and 2-8 & 2-10 are diamond shots (Arlington, Texas 1982 HR park effect 1). To the untrained eye, 1982 Grubb is Willie Keeler on basic and Dave Kingman on advanced (versus lefties).

Versus righties, 1982 Grubb is "W" power, with HR chance at 2-4 (1-5 d20 roll or double).

1982 Grubb's three dingers:

5-26-82) versus righty Dennis Martinez @ Texas
5-28-82) versus righty Dave Frost @ Texas
8-8-82)--versus lefty Tommy John @ Yankee Stadium

On 8-8-82 Grubb started both games of a doubleheader at Yankee Stadium, facing lefties exclusively. In the first game, he went 0-for-4 against southpaws' Shane Rawley and Rudy May. In the nightcap, he went 4 for 5, hitting a double, triple, and homerun against Tommy John. Then, against reliever Dave LaRoche, Grubb hit another double, giving him 11 total bases for the game, all against lefties.

S-O-M shifted most of his double & triple-versus-lefty values to the right side of his card and compensated for those removed slugging values by shifting one of his three homeruns to the left side of his card. Intentionally or not.

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