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Flexible or Sliding rosters is a replay concept of mine that promotes and extends the use of players by allowing all carded/subcarded players to be potentially available for use in every game.

Assuming--let's say--five man pitching rotations and 25 man rosters--We declare that teams are free to use 21 players per game. (25 minus the four resting starters).*

The Pitcher Regulation Tables handle the pitching staff usage but the flex roster will allow that when-or-if the dice roll selected bullpenners have been used up, the manager has the option to go deep into the bullpen beyond the norm.

Or he can go deep into his bench. Whatever the situation dictates. Game by game. Deep into pen means shallow with the bench and vice-versa as game situations call for.

This will allow for more use of situational players such as defensive replacements, pinch runners, pinch hitters, etc. on one end of it and relief specialists and garbage time pitchers on the other end.

It will help maximize roster use and allow the game manager to fit players into roles they are suited for. Situations that come up in a game that are perfect for this or that player will allow him to be used.

I do, however, designate many players for sitting out games and/or not starting games when using my three game series regulation where it is easy to regulate player use within each series.


*In cases where any of the four starters in five man rotations who are not pitching get selected to pinch run, there may be more than 21 players participating in a game. That's the lone exception.



White Sox @ Orioles

3-2 White Sox win in 11 innings on bases loaded two out Balk by Gene Brabender

White Sox used 22 players

Resting starter Joel Horlen was a pinch runner (15 runner & 3/-(20-6) stealer] for one of their four slew-footed backstops (John Romano)

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