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2/23/17 11:30 AM Quote
MLB length of games is an issue invented by the media. Artificial attempts to shorten the time of games is something I consider anti-consumer. Many fans want to spend as much time at the ballpark as possible. They are paying top dollar these days to do so. Just like we all would like a rock concert to last as long as possible.

There is a rumor that baseball was created for the purpose of entertainment but if you listened to current discussions, you would think baseball is some form of water torture to be ended quickly and mercifully. This should bring embarrassment on those who support the game.

Mike Hargrove and Carlton Fisk were both known as a "human rain delay" when they played. I rather enjoyed both of them. "Grover" was known for his tugging of shirt, stepping out, adjusting pants and helmet, etc., and repeating the process as he worked the pitchers' into many deep counts, while ponderous "Pudge" Fisk would make numerous trips to the mound. They were part of the lore of that time.

But to provide context, I speak for my experiences at my particular MLB
Park many years ago as a teenager. Different time now. I preferred the 1970's and 80's, before society became technocratic and plutocratic.

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