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The 1971 season was reissued several years ago, where the company was continuing to roster teams with the same amount of players. In the case of 1971, 27 players per team, exactly.

A couple years ago, when S-O-M reissued the 1973 season, that changed to a more flexible situation. 1973 California Angels carded 31, the most. Dodgers carded 25, the least. Three teams carded 30, three teams carded 29, five teams carded 28, six teams carded 27, and four teams carded 26. All told, 1973 reissued cards averaged 27.75 players per team, a net increase of 18 players in relation to the strict 27 card per team format from earlier. A step in the right direction.

So with that in mind, I'll list--team by team--in this thread, originally uncarded players who I believe may be worthy of carding upon this upcoming release of the 1982 reissued cards. I will list them in order of importance.

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