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In 1982, American League East teams played their West division counterparts 12 times each and vice versa. Intra-division featured 13 times each. 12 times 7 = 84 games and 13 times 6 = 78 games. 84 + 78 = 162. In National League, it was 12 games versus the 6 teams in other division to = 72 games and 18 intra-division games to equal 90 games for the 162 total.

My regulation calls for playing games in three game series that, from a standpoint of player availability, are contained in a vacuum so as to make it easy to keep track of desired playing time for individual players, particularly pitchers. So three game series could be played all year in both leagues, except for a single four game intra-division series for AL teams.

Before the first game of each three game series, we select from dice roll probability, three different starting pitchers for both teams. The two teams then decide before each game how many relief pitchers they want available. This is done one time before the start of each game. The relievers are selected the same way the starters were, except, of course, it's a game by game selection for them.

This allows for realistic availability and use of the pitching staff. Every pitcher who appeared in a game factors in, without the manager being forced to use anyone. The manager may be pushed into using less than desirable pitchers throughout the course of a long season for any number of reasons, thereby possibly creating very realistic outcomes. This regulation allows for easy, clearheaded understandings of the availability for each game by every pitcher, including all starter/relievers. I list the pitcher regulation tables below for all 26 teams from 1982.

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