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12/14/09 5:50 PM Quote
One of Hitler's old diaries was just found today at 7:13 AM. The diary
is not a fake, because along with it in an old crate, was also a video
of Hitler in battle. This video was taken by an old video camera created
by the famous inventor Philo Taylor Farnsworth, back during WW2. Hitler

Care Package
Predator Missle
Emergency Airdrop

The German's who have control of this diary and video have not stated
anything yet about of its existence. Only very few people in the world
know of this (I do because one of my friends up in Germany works for
their government) and they have not decided to when they are going to
tell the world.

Apparently the crates were dropped by a German Bachem Ba 349 Natter
plane. Hitler would call in the Predator Misile by screaming through a
old walkie talkie to the commander in a Do 335 of where he wanted the
strike to be located.

Apparently, written in his diary a German private stole on of Hitler's
Emergency Airdrop crates and Hitler executed him and teabagged him after.

Thanks for reading, you will probably hear this on the news soon, or
whenever the German government decides to tell everyone!