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I understand that MLB rules mandate that a switch pitcher must declare which arm he throws with when facing hiiters and must remain throwing from declared arm throughout the hitter's at-bat.

When switch hitters bat against Venditte in S-O-M card/dice sim games, I will use the percentage roll method so that switch hitters will not have a unfair advantage. They will have their composite hitting values represented when facing Venditte.


Switch hitter Mark Teixeira faced lefties 35 percent, righties 65 percent. Use d100 (two d10 dice) and 1-35 range read from left side of Teixeira's card, 36-100 read from right side. This applies when hitter card is selected as usual from d6 1-3 column result.

d6 4-6 roll results in reading from Venditte's card. Again, so Venditte does not have advantage either, use d100 and do the same as the hitter card roll would do.

This way, it doesn't matter which arm Venditte declares when throwing to switch hitters--in terms of both player's card values.

Park effects may determine which arm Venditte will throw with when facing switch hitters.

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