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4/22/15 1:06 PM Quote

I discussed briefly in "1987: A Watershed Year", card aesthetics, but it deserves more explanation.

Type of packing tape used for laminating: Wexford, 4 roll pack for 12 dollars at Walgreen's and perhaps other retailers.

Weight of one roll .4 lbs.

# of cards laminted per roll: Approx. 125

It took 3.84 rolls to laminate my 1967 SOM baseball cards (24 per team, 480 total). Will need to produce and laminate an additional 150 to 200 doppelganger cards for this season.

Length (laid together, team by team, with rubber bands) of 1967 set (480 cards): 5.5 inches.

Length of LAMINATED version of above 7.5 inches.

Practice with the tape before applying to the cards, as creasing can occur. Use a new scissors (not dull) to cut the tape that overlaps the four sides.

Now you have waterproof, durable, color enhanced  3 by 5 glossies that look and feel like the sacred documents they are meant to be.


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