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I have recently created a 'virtual game board' (VGB) program that I have been using for myself and I would like to share it. In a nutshell it allows you to move player photos or game pieces (your choice) on the ballpark photo of your choice on your your desktop/laptop. The game is designed to allow the user to do custom 'hacks' by using their own charts etc with the program. However, you still need to have the physical SOM cards to play it because it's a hybrid of the board game and a pure software SIM. It's a 'beta' version right now beacause I'm the only one who's tested/used it.


If you visit my website at you can read about it's development, watch a video tutorial, and download the program as well. There are a bunch of ballpark photos there too---a number of which I myself created in Google Sketchup. There's Ebbets Field (attached here), Polo Grounds, and KC Municipal Stadium to name a few.


Any feedback on the program is appreciated.



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