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if interested my email is john.barkoviak@gmail.com


Duel Tournament Format 

This format will use the APS (Average Pick Sheet from STAR Tournaments http://www.startournaments.com/) broken into 26 groups of 10-15 players. 

You and your opponent will draft a team using the 26 rounds of players, which includes a ball park too. 

Round 1 you will select any player in the group of ten players. Your opponent will select 1 player from the group of players. After the selection the others players are no longer available for the draft. 

Round 2 your opponent will select first and will select 1 player from that group and you will go second and select one player. The other players are not available for round three. 

Round 3 you select out from that group of players. Then your opponent selects and so on for the 26 rounds. 

At The draft sheet is in Excel and you simply highlight your pick and then type the player into your team draft sheet.

You then play a 7 game series. See below for how to play online with your own Strat Cards…

It may seem complicated, but it is very simple.  

Play Strat O Matic baseball online, very easy and the purest way to play without being face to face. All you need is an account with SKYPE which is free, a microphone and the cards.


You will use the Excel draft sheet to draft your team, which is easy to use by emailing your picks back and forth until your team is drafted by emailing the Excel document back and forth. You will use the online dice roller (located on the web at http://beta.strat-o-matic.net/forums/) and you can retrieve all of the dice rolling statistics so you can feel comfortable with the variance of the dice rolls. We have been tracking the rolls for thousands of games and we are amazed at the accuracy of the results.


This is how the game play works. You and your opponent will both be logged into Skype and simply call one another. One player creates the game on the dice roller and the other joins.


You each are required to have pulled your opponent’s team cards. Since you know the opponent’s rotation you should have had a good idea of your lineup already. This experience is very close to being face to face. With the dice roller being as pure as it is. There is very little room for complaint.



The series is a 7 game series and might take a couple of days of playing to complete, but it’s for fun. Long before you sit down at your computer you will have received your opponent’s pitching rotation and you can have your lineups written down. Some guys send their lineups through email also prior to playing so the opponent can have them prepared when they log onto Skype and the dice roller.


Some of you play the computer game and many of us have also. The computer game is very convenient and would be perfect if it had an outside dice roller. There is no way to be sure that the game doesn't create drama by conveniently rolling clutch rolls since it knows the situation and of course a little drama sure makes the game exciting for a new player. Players that like the Purity of the game itself need a dice roller that has no idea what is going on in the game.



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