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tony gamer
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8/9/11 6:08 PM Quote
Okay, so here’s the situation …

Let’s say there are 10 games left in a season. An opposing pitcher
comes in the game with an *actual* BB/9 rating of, say, 4.2 -- while his
*replay* BB/9 rating up to that point in the season is at, say, 2.5. …

Now, we might say that Strat’s artificial intelligence is *striving* or
*inclined* to make this pitcher walk a batter, in that the Strat's
artificial intelligence is striving to reach that pitcher’s actual mark
of 4.2 walks-per-nine-innings by the end of the season – which with only
10 games left in tghe schedule is fast approaching.

Of course in real life the players on the field -- unlike Strat’s
artificial intelligence -- are not trying to “sim” anything, the pitcher
in real life may just have a season where his final BB/9 number is 4.8
or 5.2 – a BB/9 stat simply not as good as the one he posted the
previous year.

So my question is this -- when you’re managing, do you take into account
the striving or inclination of Strat’s artificial intelligence “to hit
its sim” – whatever the stat -- K/9, BB/9, HRs, RBIs, BA, SBs etc.

Now, keep in mind, I’m new to Strat Baseball, so I may all wrong about
Strat’s artificial intelligence striving to "hit its sim.”

But, in any event,

a.) do you manage with Strat’s “sim striving” in mind, and

b.) am I correct in saying that there actually is a “sim stiving” –
there must be, no?