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9/8/19 3:18 PM Quote
Print on Demand discussion.

admin/host overreacts.

Gets emails from his posse/clique (maybe 5-6 guys) telling him to ban this or that occasional "outsider", who raises questions or provides constructive criticism. Admin acts on their behalf.

Admin is confronted with that observation. Says those guys who email him (coward move) are real contributors to forum unlike those who raise questions about admins fitness to moderate forum.

Contributors? Who are they? What the hell are they contributing, never-ending fake games?

What member of his posse chimes in topics that admin/host throws out there? His clique is a bunch of miserable, geriatric deadbeats. The host/admin will remain in witness protection.

Moderators should not have their email available for members. A good host--like a good coach or manager--must maintain distance from their members/players. Management 101.

How obnoxious must a person be to want to admin/host any of these idiot forums?

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