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3/24/19 1:54 AM Quote
It finally happened. Someone other than myself realizes that the trapezoid rule should be constituted in the opposite manner that it's been used.


Heard On The Radio


TSN 690 Montreal

Mitch Melnick Show

Guest: Ray Ferraro


Former NHL player and current NHL commentator Ray Ferraro responded to a question asked by Melnick's co-host regarding how frustrating it can be to play against goaltenders who handle the puck very well.

Ferraro discussed the greatness of retired goalie Marty Brodeur at puckhandling and Brodeur's abilities to stifle potential offensive chances by leaving his crease to play the puck on dump-ins.

Ray said he thought the space between the trapezoid lines that extend at angles behind the net (hence the name) should be the forbidden area for goalies as opposed to outside those lines, which is the area that extends to the corners of the rink.

The Trapezoid rule was enacted for the 2005-2006 NHL season and has been in effect ever since.


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