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3/9/19 9:29 AM Quote
Major League Baseball is using the Atlantic Baseball League as an experimental resource. The Atlantic League will be using the standard 60 feet six inch distance between the pitching rubber and home plate--for the first half of their upcoming season. For the second half, the pitching rubber will be moved back two feet.

The first half/second half split will allow the league to have two sets of comparable data on which to draw their conclusions and analysis.

For at least several years, I've advocated this type of thing. Bringing back a game where pitch-to-contact becomes more frequent would make for a better game.

But they should also focus on expanding park dimensions and expanding fair territory by widening the foul line angles starting from the first and third base bags and extending to their respective foul poles.

Shifts would become obsolete in a natural way.

This would require a new stadium building revolution where this type out-of-box thinking could play itself out. Patience is required. Banning shifts is a desperate shortcut solution that would only bastardize the game further.

But Big media is still asleep. We need big media people to come out against the homerun being so prevalent because that's what's stopping baseball from being great again. The way to beat the shift these days is to hit OVER it. Which means park dimensions needs to be expanded. Doesn't take a genius to figure this out.

Like Joe Maddon says, "Don't mess with strategy" when it comes to proposing changes such as banning the shift. He knows how stupid a shift ban would be.

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