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3/8/19 6:55 AM Quote
Notoriously creepy, reclusive, and paranoid S-O-M originator Harold Richman decided a few years ago to glorify himself with the release of a dvd-for-sale documentary of his alleged genius and greatness.

The front jacket portrays the usual symptoms of narcissistic delusion: a cute childhood photo of the subject intended to make the viewer adoring and sympathetic toward him.

In a scene right out of Sunset Boulevard, one can picture dearest Harry--wearing his black turtleneck sweater--being wheeled into the Audio/Visual room at 42 Railroad Plaza to view the documentary. We see him assisted by his "adopted son", Glenn Guzzo, a failed sportswriter who has served as S-O-M's public relations ambassador for decades, a role that Horseshoe Harry wanted Steve Barkan to fill but Snarlin' Steve is a fella much more inclined to making enemies than friends.

Glenn is to S-O-M what Vladimir Posner was to the Kremlin: a smooth-talking, amiable front man who positions himself on both sides of the wall.

Barkan is retired as a cardmaker/mathematician and was known to spend his time as hall monitor for S-O-M related discussions that occurred on various online subforums. He occasionally condescended to cliques of morons on those platforms, but was restricted to veiled references and his input was worthless due to nondiclsclosure agreements he signed. Barkan desperately wanted to remain relevant and important.

Foolish infatuation with technology led to the synthetic, bastardized S-O-M world that existed online. A small world of dull sycophants.

Richman did nothing to help. He was too busy building shrines to himself.

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