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The 1980 SADV roster sheet has been posted...

The Chicago White Sox may have set an S-O-M record by having six different carded players rated for the catcher position:

Bruce Kimm-------98/77/46
Marv Foley-------64/40/26
Glenn Borgmann---32/26/18
Rick Seilheimer--21/18/14
Ron Pruitt---------5/1/1
Mike Squires-------2/0/0

The first four were officially carded as catchers on the 1980 S-O-M SAVD roster sheet. Pruitt is listed on the outfielder portion of the roster sheet, Squires on the infielder part.

Seilheimer was just 19 years old. He was carded only upon reissue.

Squires played two innings behind the plate, becoming the first left-handed throwing player to play the catcher position in an MLB game since Dale Long in the '50s.

The Sox solved their catching woes by acquiring star catcher Carlton Fisk in the offseason.


The 1989 Pittsburgh Pirates had five S-O-M carded players rated at the catcher position:

Junior Ortiz-------84/65/50
Mike LaValliere----65/59/45
Dann Bilardello----33/25/16
Tom Prince---------21/15/12
Benny Distefano-----3/0/0

Like the 1980 White Sox catchers, the 1989 Pirates catchers featured four players officially carded as catchers on the S-O-M roster sheet. Distefano was rostered as an infielder.

Distefano, like Squires, threw left-handed. He played six innings as catcher in 1989.


The 1980 California Angels set an S-O-M record by having FIVE players officially carded for the position of catcher on their SADV roster sheet.

Tom Donohue-------84/72/47
Dan Whitmer-------48/33/15
Stan Cliburn------54/16/10
Dave Skaggs-------24/24/14
Brian Downing-----16/15/11

Five catchers with ten or more complete games behind the plate.

Of the five, Donohue and Whitmer were the only catchers originally carded.

Downing had emerged as a star the previous year and a player who helped revolutionize the way skill position players prepare for their jobs. With the high tech PED era still more than a decade away, NAUTILUS was the buzzword of the late '70s-early '80s and Brian Downing was at the vanguard of this weight training revolution. Others such as Roy Smalley and Robin Yount were also emerging as prototypes for skill position player analytics, their performances laying waste to the prevailing wisdom of the '60s and '70s that cautioned against such weight training.

This made for better baseball, providing balance in lineups. Baseball simulation, in turn, became more attractive.

Downing suffered an early season broken ankle in 1980, forcing the Angels to suit up four triple-A catchers in his absence.


Those 1980 White Sox and 1980 Angels had 32 players carded for them by S-O-M, tying for the third highest amount of players carded for S-O-M SADV reissued teams.

1982 Oakland---------34
1968 California------33
1969 Seattle---------32
1969 Oakland---------32
1980 Chicago (AL)----32
1980 California------32

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