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2/8/19 1:37 AM Quote
Sean Bramble has been one of perhaps two dozen S-O-M'ers who correspond with Glenn Guzzo at least once or twice yearly, care of the "Talk Show".

In the February edition of the Talk Show, Bramble revels in his enjoyment of the 1981 Dodgers SADV reissued team he received that was included in one of the retro teaser sets. But of course he laments the fact that that entire 1981 season has not been reissued, leaving him to salivate indefinitely until he can own that spectacular 1981 SADV Mike Schmidt card he covets so much.

Like most gamers, Sean appears to be engaging in a never-ending quest to satisfy his gaming needs. About a decade ago, while stationed in Japan, Mr. Bramble was yearning for the game company to reissue seasons from the six years spanning 1979-1984.

In 2016, Sean apparently got his wish, as the 1982 season was reissued. It was a season that featured--among so many other great things--a spectacular pennant race that went down to the final day between the Milwaukee Brewers and Bramble's favorite team--the Baltimore Orioles.

Sean wrote Guzzo to express his delight that 1982 had finally been available in fully updated form. But that was that. No word from P. Sean Bramble about how much enjoyment he's getting from his 1982 S-O-M baseball simulations.

Because you see, like so many other gamers, it is the pursuit of that Holy Grail that leaves gamers forever occupied. And it appears that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is one that--once reached--eventually becomes an object of indifference, soon to be pawned off.

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