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1/26/19 4:28 PM Quote
A lot of discussion currently on sports talk radio about the NFL overtime rules in the wake of the Patriots beating the Chiefs at Kansas City in the AFC championship game. Pats won 37-31 when scoring a touchdown on their first possession after winning the coin toss in OT. KC never received the ball in OT.

Not a big subject with me, but I'll weigh in anyway. Just let the home team--which worked all year to achieve that advantage--declare if they want to kickoff or receive the kickoff in overtime. Like in past times, it's a true sudden death situation where a field goal on the first OT possession can win it.

If the road team wants to avoid this overtime situation and is within range of tying the game with a field goal or touchdown-plus-extra-point(s) near the end of the fourth quarter, they can choose to go for two after the touchdown or go for a touchdown instead of a field goal. Different calculations involved.

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