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1/23/19 11:07 PM Quote
"Reno" Rivera was voted in on all 425 ballots.

The greatest relief pitcher of all time became the first to be voted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame unanimously.

The reasons:

1) He was clearly Hall worthy
2) The voting is now done in a transparent way
3) Voters are younger, more data driven, and less weird

(That said, Curt Schilling's political views are likely being held against him by enough voters. He got 61 percent. Combined regular season and post-season data easily supports him).

Sandman had .555 career OPS

In 141 postseason innings had 0.70 ERA and helped Yankees win five World Series championships.

Career splits better versus lefty hitters due to his cutter.

Like Lee Smith--who was voted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in December by a different ballot--Rivera was a failed starter who found success with the shorter pitch counts in the world of bullpens.

Career WAR 56.2



Edgar Martinez

Was 11 for 19 with 3 doubles and 2 homeruns career vs. Mariano Rivera

But it should be mentioned that most of that damage was done when Rivera was breaking into the bigs in 1995 as a failed starter. Here's the record for Edgar Martinez for his first seven at bats against Mariano Rivera in 1995:


Rivera as starter

1) Three run homer in 1st inning (LF)
2) Single (RF)


Rivera as reliever (mopping up in loss--5.1 IP)

3)Walk in 4th
4)Solo Homerun in 7th (LF)



Rivera as starter

5) Strikeout (looking)
6) Double (RF)
7) Single (LF) RBI (knockout)


Lau/Hriniak hitter

Career didn't take off until age 27. Unlikely Hall of Famer. Mastered the science of hitting.

In last small ball year of 1992, Martinez had his first great season (.343/.404/.544)--14 for 18 stealing. Was rated *6/-(18-6) by S-O-M. [3b-3 e28/1b-4 e25] before spending most of the rest of career as DH. 12 runner.

Career Seattle Mariner. Franchise has never been to a World Series.

Career WAR 68.4


Mike Mussina

See Loggains & Mussina thread in bleacher section of this database


The late Roy Halladay began his MLB career in 1998. He and Mariano Rivera played exclusively in the post small ball era.

I'll let others discuss the new era players because I just never bought into MLB post-1992.

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