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Loggains & Mussina are in the news again.

Dowell Loggains has been hired as offensive coordinator of the New York Jets. He reunites with Adam Gase, whom he worked with in Miami and before that in Chicago. Loggains will be the offensive coordinator in title only, as Gase will call the plays and run the offense while Gregg Williams runs the defense for the revamped and revitalized Jets.


Mike Mussina was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, getting 76 percent of the vote (75% needed).

Mike started his career at the tail end of the normalized stat era. His first year--1991--was the last season his Orioles played at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. He posted an impressive 2.87 ERA in 12 starts and 87.2 innings pitched.

In 1992--the last small ball season--the Orioles moved into their new digs: Oriole Park at Camden Yards, a stadium that started the retro park trend. It was--and remains--a bandbox park with power alleys that would make Fred Patek and Bucky Dent look like Ralph Kiner.

1993 saw the expansion of MLB to Denver and Miami and would usher in the era of arena baseball, which encouraged flyball hitting, leading hitters to use PED's and change the launch angles of their swings. This then led to radical shifting of defensive players.

Mussina pitched the majority of his career in circumstances that favored offense.

Though he pitched for a couple good Orioles teams under Davey Johnson in the late '90s and for the Yankees from 2001-2008, a World Series title eluded him.

The last full season S-O-M baseball card set I own is 1992, Mussina's first full year, where he went 18-5 in 32 starts and 241 innings pitched. He was a seven time gold glove winner, but 1992 was too early for the individualized pitcher range ratings.

His career record was an impressive 270-153. (.638)

He was 20-9 with a 3.37 ERA in his final season at age 39 with the Yankees.

His careeer WAR was 82.2

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