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1982 SAVD Replay

Cleveland Indians @ Milwaukee Brewers

Game 1 of three game series


Cards: 3 × 5 glossies including subcards

All cards tape enhanced, waterproof, durable, and easy to thumb through.


Rosters: Flex


Player limit per team per game: 21*

* (Does not include resting starting pitchers who are only used in non-pitching roles).


Ultra Advanced 1982 Features:

Individualized Pickoff Numbers
MAS Numbers applied to Bad Base Stealers
Pitcher Regulation Tables (Pregame/Pre-series selector)
Yank Numbers With Innings Max (In-game Pitcher Regulation)
Pitcher Balance Numbers (Hitter/Lineup Regulation)
Hitter Balance Numbers (Reference Guide)

All of these were printed from this database and tape enhanced into booklet form.


Edit note 7/10/19:

This game was completed several months ago which was prior to the creation of two additional Ultra-Advanced features: Error Numbers and ROE Numbers.

Milwaukee County Stadium Park Effects:

10 for singles
2 for homeruns

Weather effects not used


Starters selected for this series:

(d1000 number that selected pitcher from tables)


Moose Haas (528)
Randy Lerch (823)
Don Sutton (981)


Len Barker (046)
Lary Sorensen (245)
Jerry Reed (999)

Jerry "when you're hot you're hot" Reed had just one start for Cleveland in 1982, but super high d1000 roll selected him for game 3.


Relievers selected for game one. (* denotes lefty)

Maximum of five for all 1982 teams. These five be used in any order before flexing to extra bullpenners if desired. The extra bullpenners must be randomly chosen by d1000 table selection. As always, pitchers must meet eligibility requirements to be in the pool for potential selection; cannot pitch three games in a row or relieve* when selected as starter for any of the three games when using three game series format.

* exception made for extra innings, where next two series starters who are relief eligible may be swapped out to pitch when chosen from PRT after at least five bullpenners have been used up.


Rollie Fingers (148)
Jaime Easterly* (674)
Dwight Bernard (335)
Pete Ladd (869)
Jerry Augustine* (805)


Extras selected by PRT after
first five have who were
chosen by the pre-game PRT
dice rolls had pitched

Chuck Porter (986)
Doug Jones (968)
Jim Slaton (597)



Tom Brennan (737)
Bud Anderson (782)
Dan Spillner (225)
Ed Whitson (536)
Ed Glynn* (347)

* lefty

Cleveland did not use "extra" bullpenners in this game

Selected bullpenner Bud Anderson was not used


Subcarded players used in this game



Brewer pitchers/lines


Fingers, Bernard, and Porter were knocked out by Yank Number rule.

Dwight Bernard was the losing pitcher in this game.


Indians pitchers/lines


Barker, Glynn, and Whitson were knocked out by Yank Number rule.

Dan Spillner was the winning pitcher in this game.


Game Recap

The Brewers led this game 7-4 as the Indians batted in the top of the 7th inning.

Brewers starter Brian "Moose" Haas retired Ron Hassey to begin the frame, but then walked Mike Fischlin and surrendered a single to Rick Manning.

It was then that my key decision was to bring in ace reliever Rollie Fingers. Trailing 7-4 with one out and runners on first and second, LHB Miguel Dilone due next.

1982 RHP Rollie Fingers

Balance Number: (198) R (reverse splits)
LHB/RHB OPS---: 465/663
Yank Number-----: 1.660
Innings Max-------: 4.2

I pinch hit RHB Alan Bannister for LHB Miguel Dilone vs. 198 reverse righty Fingers.

Bannister: 686 OPS vs. RHP
Dilone-----: 653 OPS vs. RHP

Fingers whiffed Bannister. Out #2.

Toby Harrah walked to load the bases, bringing up LHB Mike Hargrove in a huge, huge spot.

Clutch hitting effect applies for second straight hitter. Hargrove is anti-clutch vs. RHP at 1-10. But the dice roll results in 1-8. A BPR! (Best Possible Roll--for hitter).

1-5 HR or 6-20 double. Double. Grover--a.k.a "the human rain delay"--rips a 2-1 slider from Fingers to the gap in right-centerfield. IN COMES FISCHLIN. IN COMES MANNING. And the throw to the plate is NOT IN TIME. HARRAH SCORES THE TYING RUN on the two-out bases loaded double by Hargrove.

Fingers has allowed a second qualifier. His Yank Number must now be tested with a fraction roll to determine if he's knocked out at this time.

Fraction roll is higher than 660. He's gone after just three batters.

Indians would add two more runs in the 8th and win 10-8.

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