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Age 57. Cause not yet specified.

Eagles free safety 1983-1993

S-O-M ratings for Wes Hopkins from Eagles teams I own:

1984 6 (best possible)
1986 Not listed. Started 4 games.
1987 Missed entire season
1988 4
1989 4
1990 0
1991 6
1992 0
1993 0

I do not use those S-O-M 0-6 defensive ratings in my simulations.

Interesting that Hopkins was rated 0 in 1990, then 6 in 1991, then back to 0 in 1992. How can that happen? Oh well, I never even thought of using those.

1991 Eagles were known as the "Gang Green" defense. It was historically great. They gave up 3.0 yard per rush and opposing quarterbacks completed just 44.1 percent of their passes.

The 11 starters on that 1991 Eagles defense averaged 5.36 rating from S-O-M (again, 0 is worst and 6 is best).

Other 1991 Eagles defense stats:

Sacks: 58.7 percent above league average
Fumbles: 75.5 percent above...
Interceptions*: 21.4 above...

*per incompletion

Epic Strat sim game of mine from several years ago featured 1984 Dolphins versus those 1991 Eagles. Great offense versus great defense.

Miami won 16-14, Marino and Dolphins surviving seven interceptions by Gang Green. Eagles were not good at yardage-after-picks, which proved costly as they only mustered 16 interception return yards.

Wes Hopkins had two picks and one fumble recovery.


Wes attended John Carroll University in Ohio.

Other noted alumni:

Don Shula (stadium, etc. named after him)
London Fletcher (durable NFL linebacker, 1999 Rams Super Bowl champ)
Josh McDaniels (Belichick's right-hand man & Pats' OC)
Trace Armstrong (played for Shula in Don's final year as coach)

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