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9/25/18 7:17 PM Quote
The 2018 Tampa Bay Rays abandoned conventional pitching roles. They used their pitching staff to maximize leveraging and avoid facing hitters more than two times a game as often as they could.

Some days, there are exceptions, such as when Cy Young candidate Blake Snell is on the mound.

And just like when my S-O-M draft team from 30 years ago needed a rest from my aggressive bullpen leveraging from near the start of the game, the real teams are aided by having at least one or two starters who are good enough to fill their role more conventionally.

Strat-O-Matic will probably default all starting pitchers who performed primarily as an "opener" to (5)• for their POW rating, and just let the gamer decide what to do as far as pulling them out.

If they do that, though, it will misrepresent some pitchers who never pitched more than two or so innings in any game in either of their pitching roles.

And those (1)•, (2)•, (3)•, etc. POW ratings are imprecise, especially when you get down to that (1)• POW, which has become much more common.

The Pitcher Regulation Tables, Yank Numbers with Innings Max, and Flex Rosters method have been a godsend for us gamers, especially with today's pitching dynamic.

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