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9/17/18 3:00 PM Quote
Josh Gordon was picked up by the Patriots today in a trade with the Browns.
Gordon has not played regularly in the NFL since that season due to personal issues, such as drug addiction, etc.

His 2013 season was one of the greatest by a receiver. Led league with 1646 yards receiving in 14 games, 117 yards per game.

He had 5 end runs for 88 yards

His quarterbacks that year:

Jason Campbell---8 starts 76.9 rating
Brandon Weeden---5 starts 70.3 rating
Brian Hoyer------3 starts 82.6 rating

Running game:

Leading rusher was Willis McGahee with 138 carries for 377 yards. 2.7 yards per carry. No other rusher on 2013 Browns had more than 49 carries.

So defenses in elementary solitaire Strat-O-Matic football will play the pass most of the time--maybe 60 percent. The No Guess would be called about 30 percent of the time or more, leaving only some of the short yardage/goal line situations for playing the run.

This means the quarterback cards will be given a boost on GUESSED RIGHT as well as receiver card GUESSED RIGHT columns, making 2013 Gordon one of the great receiver cards of all-time. At least in theory--I have not seen that card.

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