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7/24/18 11:49 AM Quote
I disagree with you about the 80s & 90s eight team releases meaning S-O-M will soon stop printing retro card sets.

You mentioned the '84 Tigers being left out, and I agree with you that Strat-O should have included them, but the '83 World Series winning Orioles were also left out.

So if there still is a market for retro card sets that will keep Strat-O-Matic printing those past seasons, those two eight team releases are not much of a deterrent to continuing business as usual. Thanks, bro.

Alexander Beerfart----Anchorage, Alaska


Thanks, Alex. I should have mentioned those '83 Birds of Baltimore.

The '81 Dodgers SADV cards will allow me to understand the adjustments that could be made for supplemental stealing differential (1981 Supplemental stealing formula was different--and flawed) as well as the other card differences.

'83 White Sox were fun.

'84 Cubs could make World Series in replay. (It's interesting that the '84 Phillies, who finished 81-81, were statistically even with those Cubs and feature the best bench in baseball history).

'85 Cardinals and Blue Jays are great teams to replay.

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