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Here are the results, chosen by probability dice roll:

Yankees starters



Yankees relievers:


Tommy John started 26 games and relieved in 4. His not being chosen to start any game of this series left him eligible for the relief pool. d1000 was between 952 and 968, making him an eligible reliever for this game.

His relief Yank Number is 1.250 and his relief Innings Max is (2). Similar to Guidry, John has balance number of 105 R. A "mixed" player, John uses Tom Brennan (RFL) and Chico Escarrega (CFR) as subs for his splits, with some strikeouts and (gb)B's converted to (gb)A's.

Royals starters:


Royals relievers:



Starting lineups for game one:

Yankees versus Vida Blue

Randolph 2b
Griffey cf
Winfield rf
Mazzilli 1b
Piniella If
Mayberry dh
Nettles 3b
Cerone c
Dent ss


Vida Blue balance number: 167 R

Favorable for lefty hitters' Griffey, Mayberry, & Nettles


Winfield was not rated for rightfield but plays there without penalty of a range downgrade in simulation because:

a) S-O-M does not account for fielder deployment nuances particular to asymmetric parks. Winfield had the best range of Yankee outfielders so he patrolled the biggest part of his home park, which was left/leftcenter.

b) Using game one of this series as an example, Lou Piniella is rated 4 in right, 3 in left, so it makes sense to play him at his better rated position.

c) Rightfield was Winfield's natural position, he was rated a 1 in rf by Strat in their 1977 SADV set, the most recent-to-1982 MLB season reissued by S-O-M.

d) It's generally understood that it is advantageous to put the fielder with the best arm in right instead of left because of the -2/+2 leftfield/rightfield subtraction/addition to runner speed from first to third on singles. Winfield's -5 arm will prevent runners from attempting to go from first to third on singles. The big arm in right is less in need of the shorter (-2 to arm rating) throw.

But the Yankees did not play Winfield in right on the road. I think they did that for the sake of continuity.


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