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4/6/18 5:25 PM Quote
Article written today by Alex Reimer at WEEI radio website discussed comments made by Fox Sports Radio personality Colin Cowherd.

Cowherd is a sociologist who has admired the Patriots' Holy Trinity of Kraft/Belichick/Brady and has followed them closely during their dynasty run, which is going into its 18th year.

Reimer quotes Cowherd as saying that he believes that the trade of wide receiver Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams for their first round draft pick (number 23 overall) by Bill Belichick is part of an attempt by Belichick to "sabotage" Tom Brady.

Reimer doesn't buy it and goes on to make valid points as to why he thinks Cowherd is off base.

In my "Garappolo Trade" thread posted within this section of this forum, I wrote that I believed that Belichick did not want to trade Jimmy Garappolo, but Bob Kraft--per the desires of Tom Brady--asked Bill to unload Garappolo. Belichick did so seemingly at the last second, and for a lower return than many expected.

But I did go on to say that I believed Belichick pragmatically conformed to his owner's wishes and that Belichick would remain in the Patriots' organization.

I will try to make a more compelling case for why Cowherd's logic is flawed, one that Alex Reimer did not make in his article.

The still-solid working relationship between Belichick and Brady can be identified within their conspicuously healthy relationship with New England's offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, whom Belichick recently praised, calling McDaniels the "best offensive coordinator in the NFL".

McDaniels famously backed out at perhaps the very last minute of his chance to be head coach of the Colts earlier this off season, oddly pulling the rug out from under a Colts organization that earned the wrath of the Patriots in general and Tom Brady in particular for their role in helping prosecute the deflategate issue (see "Deflategate" thread), which essentially amounted to legal harassment of Brady.

That move by McDaniels really screwed the Colts, forcing them to hire a head coach after several other candidates had been hired by other teams while McDaniels gave Indianapolis the impression he was going to be their next head coach.

So McDaniels really took one for the team by exacting some revenge, likely blackballing himself from being an NFL head coach again (except in New England). He probably joined Belichick and Brady as Patriots-for-life and seems to be the heir apparent to Bill Belichick.

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