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Goaltender interference seems to be a never-ending discussion, these days especially.

I'd just triple the size of the crease, any skater with both skates in the crease--unless pushed by an opposing player--gets a penalty.

To go along with that, I'd make the size of the nets about 25 percent bigger.

I'd keep those diagonal red lines aside the nets that comprise what is known as the trapeziod, but reverse the rule. Goalies can't go inside that trapeziod (behind the net) but may go outside to retrieve pucks.

Have a double set of blue lines spread about 20 feet apart so that the outer ones--closer to center ice--function as an expanded opposition defensive zone allowing for more longer range shots, especially on power plays. And it allows a better chance of keeping puck in opposing zone.

The inner blue lines--closer to the end lines--can function as lines which can be crossed, thereby allowing longer passes all the way to the opposite inner blue line that legally can be made onside.

Once crossing a team's outer blue line, shots or passes--errant or otherwise--can be made without an icing call.

One minute penalties for icing the puck.

Make the end lines closer to the end boards. This will help offensive scoring chances.

All of my desired changes would satisfy the five on five game the most. It would create more space between the players. The increased size of goalie nets would create shooting angles that would tend to discourage the ridiculous amount of shot blocking, which also accounts for numerous injuries to the shot blockers.

More long range blasts would be encouraged by the bigger nets. The guy coming off the wing doesn't have to wait to attempt make a pass, he'd have the option to take that booming shot like he used to.

More shots on goal, more scoring chances, more perimeter goals, less garbage goals, less injuries would result if my proposals were enacted.

Get rid of three point games/shootouts/3-on-3-overtime and go back to tie games.


Commissioner Gary Bettman just completed 25 years in that office. He answers questions flawlessly if not robotically. Vegas has a team and that expansion situation could not be going any better.

Seattle is getting a team. They sold out their advanced seat purchases in a heartbeat. NHL has a HARD salary cap, really the only major sport that does. They boast competitive balance that is the best of the major sports.

But the on ice product could have been more exciting. But no changes will be made.

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