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3/6/18 2:16 PM Quote
World War II author/historian Charles Kupfer has written a baseball book that's right up my alley.

"Something magic: The Baltimore Orioles 1979-1983" is the title.

No explanation needed.


I've got the DVD of the 1979 World Series and have watched that with pleasure many times.

The 1980 Orioles won a hundred games.

The 1981 Orioles were a very good team that finished two games out of first place in both the first and second halves of that split season debacle. I own the 1981 S-O-M cards, which are in advanced form.

The 1982 Orioles made a great comeback, tying the Brewers for first place on the second-to-last day of the regular season before Milwaukee beat them on the last day in a game that featured a Palmer/Sutton matchup. I own the 1982 S-O-M season, which was released in super-advanced format in February 2016.

The 1983 Orioles won the division title, beat the favored White Sox in the ALCS, then defeated the "Wheeze Kid" Phillies in five games, winning all three games at Veterans Stadium.


It is unusual to write a book about a sports franchise that chronicles a five year period as opposed to a single year or entire team history. I like the concept.

1979 to 1983 was as good a time to follow Major League Baseball as any period I can think of.

I'll give it a read when it's released.

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