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2/20/18 5:00 PM Quote
I watched the brief, chopped up clips of legendary S-O-M cardmaker Steve Barkan being interviewed by Dan Rozel, a young sales guy for the company.

Not much there. Again, those confidentiality/nondisclosure agreements stifle information.

Steve pushed for the 1949 baseball cards to be issued long before it actually was in February 2017.

Steve, like Bob Winberry and probably most of the guys at Glen Head, is a Mets fan but says he's a Cardinals fan as well--"kind of an odd combination", he puts it, accurately.

This is always important to know because Steve Barkan was not just a mathematition/researcher/cardmaker, but he was influential for years in deciding what past seasons would be reissued. Those decisions could be subject to certain biases at times.

Barkan mentioned having disagreements about what past seasons should be reissued but obviously no details were disclosed. There is an age difference between he and John Garcia, who can be considered an heir apparent of his--along with Glenn Guzzo. So that is something that could play into such disagreements. Generational biases.

He mentioned being disappointed with the lack of seasonal output. He thinks the company should be releasing cards at a better pace.

Steve also said he wanted full team representation for retro football season issues, instead of just the six packs.

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