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It has been shown that using cards, dice, charts, and multiple playing tips is the best pathway towards satisfactory gaming for self-determined individuals.

Over the past few years, these printworthy playing tips have been posted on this forum:

1982 Pitcher Regulation Tables
1982 Yank Numbers
1982 Bad Base Stealer List (MAS Numbers)
1982 Individual Pickoff Numbers (with rules)
1982 Substitute Cards with Splits (for completing rosters)

Yank Numbers roughly simulate pitch counts to activate pitcher removal. Yank Numbers also determine effectiveness as an issue of pitcher removal, especially for relievers. This replaces the POW rule, which is more simplified in concept but more protracted in application.

Yank Numbers are for in-game pitcher regulation.

Regulation Tables are for pre-game/pre-series pitcher regulation.

We can easily program our own game.

We can make our game engine transparent and tailored to our choosing.

We can enhance the cards to make for more attractive gaming.

By choosing to play just one past season that is our personal favorite--like 1982 is for me--we can be practical and realistic about S-O-M gaming in a 2018 world that offers more leisure choices than ever.

Just one season--done extremely well with no great desire to play an enormous amount of games.

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