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Laterals are more or less nonexistent in football game simulations.

Not in mine. I've scoured more than 7,000 NFL boxscores, viewed and printed many game articles, studied reams of YouTube video,and culled information from dozens of other sources in order to identify and synthesize many plays that board game simulators do not capture for their game.

I do this for my more than 400 S-O-M teams 1970-2012. All of my teams have living, growing booklets of information attached to them that are used in concert with their corresponding S-O-M Football cards.

Laterals are just one of dozens of delicious real-game nuances that I capture for my dice roller game engine.

Here's an example of how I process lateral plays for my simulation:

I'll use Troy Vincent because he is involved in two separate lateral plays that can be tracked in the PFR play-by-play and viewed on YouTube.

December 12, 1994.

Chiefs @ Dolphins

Steve Bono throws a downfield pass that's picked off by Gene Atkins of Miami at his 26. He returns it 18 yards to the Miami 44, then laterals the ball to teammate Troy Vincent, who takes it the rest of the way--56 yards--for the touchdown.

In the PFR scoring summary, this play is "Troy Vincent •56 yard touchdown on a lateral".

No mention is made in such scoring summaries to the man who intercepted and lateraled the ball. So I always track down--or attempt to track down--That information.

I can track it down in games played from 1994-present because that's when PFR has their full play-by-play game accounts available. Otherwise, I search databases for game articles.

Here's my 1994 Miami Dolphins interception return list:

01) Atkins--------5----(Bledsoe)
02) Vincent------12----(Bledsoe)
03) Veasey--------7----(Favre)
04) Beavers-------0----(Esiason)
05) J.B.Brown----32----(Esiason)
06) D.Malone------0----(Esiason)
07) M.Stewart-----0----(Esiason)
08) J.B.Brown----38----(Klingler)
09) T.Braxton-----3----(Klingler)
10) Beavers-------0----(Klingler)
11) M.Stewart----11----(Kelly)
12) Atkins--------1----(Bledsoe)
13) Cross---------0----(Bledsoe)
14) Vincent-------0----(Bledsoe)
15) T.Braxton-----0----(Harbaugh)
16) J.B.Brown----12----(Esiason)
17) Vincent------22----(Esiason)
18) Vincent-------0----(Kelly)
19) Atkins-------18----(Bono)
-----Vincent---(-2 lateral, •58)
20) M.Oliver------0----(Bono)
21) Vincent------21----(Bono)
22) Hollier------36----(Krieg)
23) M.Stewart-----0----(Krieg)

23 interceptions by 1994 Miami, meaning that when they get one, d24 is rolled (roll again on 24) to choose interceptor.

We see the play that involved the lateral is located at the #19 dice roll slot. It is recorded in the scoring summary as a "•56 return" and in the play-by-play account as an 18 yard interception return by Atkins and "•58 return" from lateral by Vincent because the difference caused by the -2 yard lateral, which is accounted for only in the play account and not the scoring account because Atkins 18 yard interception return ended at his 44 and the ensuing touchdown yardage by Vincent from the -2 Lateral cannot exceed 56 yards (44 plus 56 equals 100--scrimmage yards).

My interception return format for processing yardage:

D6 roll selection/outcome

1-4) Select from interception return list, like one that's posted above. Then use the quarterback's IRAN (Interception Return Adjustment Number--See "Interception Returns" thread).
--5) Straight read (unadjusted) from quarterback's individual interception returns against.
--6) Straight read from interceptors' return outcome.


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