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1)Dice Roller
2)Computer Gamer (Generally)
3)Computer Gamer and Dice Roller
4)Computer Gamer who plays Baseball Daily
5)Computer Gamer who does not play Baseball Daily
6)Dice Roller who plays only Basic
7)Dice Roller who only plays Advanced
8)Dice Roller who plays Super Advanced
9)Dice Roller who plays Super Advanced with home brewed rules

Degrees of Realism

10) None
11) Basic
12) Basic Plus Some Regulation
13) Uses Advanced Rules in S-O-M Rule Book
14) Uses Super Advanced Rules in S-O-M Rule Book
15) #14 Plus Using All or Nearly All Optional Rules in S-O-M Rule Book
16)"As played" Computer Replayer
17)"As played" Dice Roller

Types of Gaming

18) Baseball Only
19) Baseball and Football
20) Football Only
21) Cross Season Baseball
22) Cross Season Football
23) Heroes Set
24) Mixed League Play
25) Football With Home Brewed Rules
26) USFL
27) Hockey
28) Basketball
29) Non Strat-O-Matic Games
30) Negro League
31) Only Specific Eras

Specialization of Gaming

32) Card Enhancements (Card Taping or Conventional Lamination)
33) Taping/Lamination of Reference Materials (a.k.a Bookleting)
34) Taping/Lamination of Game Charts
35) Taping/Lamination of Rule Book
36) Game Researcher
37) Game Inventor/Reinventor

Purchasing Methods

38) Only From S-O-M
39) Only From Ebay
40) From Both S-O-M and Ebay
41) From Both of Above and Other Sources
42) From Other Sources

Reason For Selecting Certain Strat Past Seasons

43) Nostalgia (Time, Place, Age)
44) Pennant Races That Actually Occured
45) Favorite Players Had Good Seasons
46) Favorite Team Did Well
47) Lots of Runs Scored and/or lots of Homeruns
48) Good Pitching Year
49) Normalized Run Scoring
50) Dynasty Team/Teams
51) Good Competitive Balance From Top To Bottom, Relatively
52) Enjoyed that Era of Baseball

Sources used to determine what seasons you want to purchase: Need essay form for this response.

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