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I'm playing cards and dice but my concern isn't covered in the rulebook so I was wondering if anybody knows for sure how the computer game handles it. I've emailed Strat back-and forth (they always email back covering any gray areas in the rulebook) but this representative wasn't sure how the computer game handles the situation.

The situation is when a Goalie Rating + or Goal + result is rolled on an empty net. The rules don't specify what happens if you roll + results on an empty net.

From what I gathered in the past this is how all other results are supposed to be handled in the board game, and are handled in the computer game (please correct me if I'm wrong on the following):

Shots on an empty net:

i) x-save - give possession to the defensive player indicated

ii) x-reb - check for a rebound split

iii) goalie rating, goal, or goal splits are goals

iv) goalie rating + result = ???

If anybody could help me that would be great.


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