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Here's an example of an interception return in my game: 1986 Chargers versus 2010 Steelers. Fouts gets start for San Diego (rolled within 1-704 range). 22 of his 178 incompletions were intercepted in '86 (123-596 roll----approx. 12.4%). Pro-rated for playing a 2010 NFL team, that gets reduced to 103-520----approx. 10.4%. There you see the power of cross season accuracy. We take the 103-520% and multiply that by Steelers' defense INT rate (1.211-093---approx. 21.1 above 2010 NFL average) and get 125-373 (over 12.5%). This is Dan Fouts' roll for INT whenever he fails to complete a pass versus 2010 Steelers.................Say he rolls within 000-001 to 125-373 range. Pass intercepted by Pittsburgh..........Steelers intercepted 21 in 2010, so roll "21" side die (I have 24 sider, so re-roll on 22-24).......Say roll is "15"....A list from the Steelers 2010 box scores contains all of their interceptors and I also include what QB they picked off and what the yardage was and if it was a TD. "15" reads "Troy Polamalu 45 yard TD off Carson Palmer".............CONTINUED...........

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