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I watched the youtube video posted by a fellow forum contributor of Brett Favre catching one of his own passes--batted back to him, as you would surmise.

It reminded me to pass along my example of how this play is inputted into my C & D game. That play was from 1992, resulting in a 7 yard loss.

OK: Offense coach calls for pass play.

Roll d1000 to select receiver.

Favre caught 1 pass of 340 that year for Green Bay (.002-941 or let's round off to .003, or 3 tenths of one percent).

So that means his "intended" receiver position on the receiver chart occupies the 998 to 1000 dice roll chance slot.

Say the roll is within that small range. We now do the "preliminary pass attempt dice roll"- as always- to see if the attempt gets aborted by either a snap fumble, sack, or QB "must run".

Say the preliminary roll clears the numerical hurdles and the pass will be attempted. Roll two six dice ONLY and read from just the DEFENSE flat pass (elementary) column.

If "receiver" is the reading, roll d1000 again to select a "dummy" receiver from receiver chart. We're just trying to see if the pass is "completed or not".

If the pass ends up "complete" from the read, the offense coach may choose to accept the play (loss of 7 for Packers, loss of down) or have the pass ruled incomplete. If "incomplete" is read, defense has the choice.

In my game, if pass is incomplete, offense must roll d1000 to test QB's adjusted and pro-rated (if necessary) interception chance.

1992 Favre would have .076-923 interception chance before adjustments or approx. 77 out of 1000 chances for the pickoff.




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