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1985: 17-3 playoff victory over 49'ers. 362 Total yards for 'Niners. Not bad, but only 3 points. Typical bend but don't brake Belichick mastery.

1986: 49-3 decimation of 49'ers. Knocked Montana into cloud cookoo land. This triggered, I believe, Bill Walsh's intense pursuit of Steve Young. (Jeff Kemp played rest of that game).

1986: 17-0 shutout of Redskins. "I think the biggest play of the game was the coin flip", said Joe Gibbs afterward. "And I'm not being sarcastic". (It was a cold and very windy day and Parcells, after his team won the opening coin toss, wisely chose to kickoff and make Washington start against the wind. From there, The Giants defense dominated, they obtained great field position, got ahead 10-0 in the first quarter, and that was that).

1990: 15-13 over 49'ers at Candlestick Park. "There will be no 3-peat", Pat Summerall intoned. San Francisco's lone TD by John Taylor. No Jerry Rice scores, because, as we now know, Belichick often takes away the opponent's best player. Great punt fake with Gary Reasons running for 30 yards.

1990: Super Bowl XXV 20-19 over Bills: Wide right. Belichick's game plan is in the Hall of Fame.

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