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CNBL is a Strat netplay league that is seeking to start at the release of the 2015 season. Initial draft is TBA but aiming for a set date in late April 2015. Currently CNBL is seeking sincere managers to join and fully committ to year to year play. Managers will help in developing league rules and structure. Starting with the 2015 season will give everyone time to study for draft, set-up the league on their own machine, get familiar with netplay, help with development of rules and structure and of course for the Commish(myself-ScottyDouglas) to get all league information written and posted.


Cyber Net Baseball League (CNBL) is a newly formed league seeking to gather the best managers in Strat-o-Matic baseball. The online platform through Strat-o-Matic is enjoying but it does have its limitations compared to actual netplay. Indeed one can maintain their team as owner and set their lineups but one can not manage their team play by play as the game of Strat-o-Matic was intended for. As a veteran of managing by way of Strat-o-Matic for two decades I am no way the most experienced at the game but I have learned what and why the game of Strat-o-Matic was created for. Strat-o-Matic was not created to randomly generate season after season with no sweat and blood left on the felt but instead was created for the heat of battle between one man and his team against his opponent who is equally as passionate about each at-bat, inning, player, and ultimately his team. This was what Strat-o-Matic baseball was intended for.

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