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2 quick questions, playing c omputer version, about to start up a 2013 season, and had these 2 questions, the first one being just opinion,no right or wrong answer:


1.) closer rules, do you think its fair to turn off closer rules for a season and bring a good 7th or 8th inning pitcher to replace the mediocre closer? or should you always keep the closer in real life there no matter how bad he was knowing you have 2 guys that could close so much more effectively, however they didnt do it inreal life, there wasnt that stress, is that fair ? after all im the manager.........but what doyou thinK???


2.) ive always done "as played" seasons but i really want to try a "what if" season this time, but my onlyquestion is what about the players that only played in 70 or 80 games? in as plyaed it would automatically removethem, am i supposed to keep benching them, or are there extra injury chances on there card that will mathematically ensure he only plays that many games....what if he doesnt get an injury,doyou bench him anyways or play out the season and give him full eligibility knowing he didntplay half those games during the season? this is a confuisng one..... if he only plyaed half  the games, does he get injured more? or do you gotta bench and then hope he doesnt get injured then he WONTget enough at bats. helpppp.

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