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Play strat with players from all over the country. We play tournament style strat. With live drafts each month live on Skype in a 10 man conference call. New cards are out on the 18th of February and we will have our first drafts on the 3 rd and 5th of March. Check out the website for details and come and join the fun. We get 18 to 22 players consistently every month. The format we use doesn't require you to quit your job or disconnect from your family to participate. It is built to grow our game and community of players. 


Difficult to find 20 solid players in your local area who know and understand the dynamics of this game?  


Are you looking to challenge yourself against the very top players?


Are you tired of playing this game solo?


Here is the opportunity to meet more players and never have to leave your home to get involved. 


All you need is skype and the cards. 


Purestrat is looking for top level players or players that want to learn to play against top level players. 


We have players from Florida to New York and all the way to Los Angeles.  Throw in some players from the Montana and Seattle areas.  Detroit and also a full time player from Canada. We have a player that has played games from Asia in our tournaments. So you can be a professional business person and travel the globe and still play this game in Purestrat. Sounds crazy but this game is that much fun. 


Contact Bryan Albin 


Call at 714-878-5819



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