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5/21/13 10:33 PM Quote

The MLB website says the formula for calculating On Base Percentage is as follows:


H + BB + HBP


AB + BB + HBP + SF


I've never before kept track of this statistic in Strat, but in my current replay I plan on doing just that. My question is this: I keep track of all the stats listed (H, BB, HBP, AB, SF)

Is it really just as simple as that formula? I noticed a few ways that a batter can reach base, and can appear at the plate, that aren't listed in the formula. What about the following:

- Sac bunts. Should this not be included with AB, BB, HBP, and SF? I mean, it's a plate appearance.

- Reaching base on an error

- Force play. It's an out and an at-bat, but the batter reacher safely.

And is there anything else I need to know? I read something about fielder's obstruction, although I don't believe that relates to Strat.


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