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I intended to post about fielding but after thinking about it I decided I'd talk about all of it.

First I'll say that SOM is a pretty good game.May surprise some of you to hear that but in most ways I think it's about the best baseball game around.I have those gripes about the fielding and I know of one computer game that may be better but since I don't have a PC at home I've never felt much desire to switch.I've seen and heard about some of the other games but as far as I can tell they don't offer as much.{Send me a private message if you want the name of that computer game;I figure I should mention it HERE,though}

They've made some changes over the years that I liked a lot:
First,the stealing frequency.I figured out long before I read Bill James that stealing wasn't always a great strategy.The change now allows you to steal more but,of course, if you don't get the good jump you're chances likely will be smaller.One of the best changes ever.

Second,more players even in the past season sets.I've been happy to see that some teams get close to 30 players.SOM is getting close to including everybody who should reasonably BE included.

Third,the N-W power ratings.I got annoyed one time when Maury Wills had TWO homeruns in a 1966 game at Dodger Stadium.Of course,that was with my ORIGINAL one-sided 1966 set.In the actual season he hit ONE homerun at the launching pad in Atlanta.

One thing I DON'T like is the clutch rules.I don't much believe in clutch and I don't like tying it to the ballpark effects[another change I DO like}SOM'S clutch is pretty arbitrary,I think.One thing I believe is that a lot of players WALK more in clutch situations but SOM doesn't touch that point.

And,of course,the fielding:mostly,I think SOM does okay here,with some exceptions.I've noticed over the years that SOM seems to get predictable with a lot of players like if a guy starts getting "1's" they'll just keep it up.They seem to say "well,this guy's established himself so we'll leave him here." Now I don't claim expertise here except that I've looked at a lot of SOM cards over the years and I've checked some players in _Total Baseball_ and other baseball books.A few of their ratings have been very clearly wrong but I'd guess most are pretty good.I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think about it.{And,of course,since I got an e-mail from SOM today announcing that 1958 is available for pre-order,you might let me know if you hear what rating Ashburn gets;if he gets that "1," I'll plan to buy it}