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3/25/19 6:48 AM Quote
Recently posted discounted items included 1968 SAVD that was released just a year ago.

I purchased 1968 advanced when it was released in the 80s but at this point there was no desire to select that year for replays given the alternate choices.

Using the 50th anniversary as the reason to reissue a retro season was a bit lame. I said it was a tough sell when it was released.


Did you know?

Two titans of the 1965-1984 Platinum Era not carded for 1968 due to injury:

Joe Morgan--taken out at 2B in April on slide by Tommie Agee. Out for season. 20 AB's.

Jim Palmer--injured arm in 1967. Limited to 9 starts that year--not carded in that 24 card per team SAVD issue. Birds traded for lefty Mike Cuellar on 12/4/68 (for Curt Blefary) believing Palmer may never pitch again. Palmer missed entire 1968 season but came back in 1969 and the rest is well known.

Morgan homered off Palmer at Yankee Stadium in the 1977 All-Star game. 14 years after that 1968 season, they were still top performers. Morgan was as good an overall player at 2B as anyone in MLB and Palmer was the most statistically effective regular starting pitcher in the American League in that most Golden year--1982.

Fittingly, Morgan and Palmer were the only players voted into the Hall of Fame by the baseball writers in 1990.

1968: No Morgan. No Palmer. No Way!

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