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From my study of 1980 MLB teams, I conclude that it offers much less balance than the reissued 1982 season. There were lingering effects of expansion. Toronto and Seattle were very bad teams that did not start to blossom into respectability until 1982.

Looking at all the rosters and envisioning the lineups, I couldn't get too interested in 1980. I'm spoiled by 1982, which makes other seasons look mediocre by comparison. But that's my personal analytics.

I like the 1980 Yankees, who won 103 games. The Nettles/Soderholm platoon at third, with Aurelio Rodriguez as defense replacement for Soderholm, when Eric was not DH'ing. Good lineup. Deep bench, with southpaw swingers porchin' away. Solid pitching. Starters who will keep the team in the game. Bullpenners who will win a lot of games, such as Goose Gossage and Ron Davis, sometimes Rudy May and Doug Bird. Reggie's lone .300 season.

Mixed players such as Gaylord Perry and Jason Thompson will need fixing. But overall, 1980 does not present a major problem regarding mixed players.

1976 has not been reissued. Nor has 1979. I like those seasons better than 1980. '76 had a lot of mixed players. Maybe S-O-M will smartin' up and process mixed player groups for their reissues by the time they get around to 1976.

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