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11/6/18 7:12 PM Quote
Heard On The Radio


WFAN New York City

Mike Francesa Show

Caller discusses Yankee third baseman Miguel Andujar. Questions arise about Andujar's fielding skills. Mike Schmidt is referenced by caller, who opines that Schmidt was a bad fielder. Francesa seemed to agree, saying "Schmidt was bad" (at fielding)...

All I can say is that Schmidt's reputation as a fielder was very good over a long period of time. His errors were more frequent than those of Brooks Robinson, etc. however.

S-O-M fielding ratings for Mike Schmidt as third baseman:

1973 3b-3 e26----SAVD reissue
1977 3b-1 e21----SAVD reissue
1981 3b-1 e25----advanced
1982 3b-1 e26----SAVD reissue
1984 3b-2 e31----advanced
1987 3b-2 e15----SAVD

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