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10/9/18 8:44 PM Quote
95 years old. Had severe dementia since 2008.

Purchased majority interest in San Diego Chargers in 1984 and handed over control of the team to son Dean in 1993.


Memory Lane

Gene Klein sold the Chargers to Spanos and others. Klein famously fueded with Al Davis. Their differences resulted in a lawsuit in which a San Diego Superior Court jury held Davis responsible for the heart attack Klein suffered in 1981.

Of course, that decision was overturned, but you've got to love that narrative. So classic. The BLOOD FUED. Raiders vs. Chargers. Al Davis vs. whomever.

"Alfalfa will WEAR YOU DOWN", my old pal--the Sage of Syosset (NY) used to always tell me. He laughed about that.

"Goon", he'd say to me, "You know who caused Gene Klein's heart attack? Alfalfa!" (laughs)

Good times.

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