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9/30/18 7:33 PM Quote
2018 regular season stats are in the books as I write--except for the four NL teams that need to play game 163 for division tiebreaker.

Athletics slugger Khris Davis hit .247


Four straight seasons at .247 when rounded off

First time in MLB history a hitter with at least 400 PA's in four straight seasons had the same batting average in those four years.

Going back a fifth year--to 2014--Davis hit .244 in 501 AB's. If he had played one more game and gone two for three, he'd have five straight .247 seasons.


Reminds me of Tony Perez 1976-77 Reds/Expos

32 doubles 6 triples 19 homers 91 RBI in both '76 and '77

I wonder which of the two accomplishments was more improbable?

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