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9/29/18 7:30 PM Quote
I enjoyed the hilarious video of the dude in the Fenway Green Monster section who plunked Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton on his right flank with his just-hit homerun ball as he rounded second base.

We understood two things. (1) The fan has a good arm. (2) Fenway is a ridiculous bandbox. Those Green Monster Seats are so close to second base.



1975 Cowboys/Vikings playoff game in Minnesota where NFL official Armen Terzian got clocked in the head by a half empty whiskey bottle thrown by a fan who was irate over his non call on Drew Pearson's push off of Nate Wright which helped him catch Roger Staubach's hail mary pass.

I remember that game well.


1995 Chargers/Giants at Meadowlands. The Snowball Game. San Diego equipment manager was nailed in the face by a snowball heaved from the stands by 26 year old Jeffrey Lange of Bridgewater, N.J.

The nationally televised game replayed the awesome sight of Sid Brooks getting pelted and crumpling to the ground like a felled redwood.

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