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9/23/18 4:44 PM Quote
From ownership on down, this is a smart organization. They're going to win roughly 90 games.

They won a lot because they became the first team in MLB history to often leverage their bullpen options against opposing teams from the very start of games.

This leveraging resulted in the Rays having a team ERA lower than the Yankees--a team with a payroll that dwarfs Tampa's.

Having a relatively young pitching staff mixed with some open minded journeymen such as Sergio Romo, the Rays have successfully processed the wishes of their fine manager Kevin Cash and their analytics department.

The Rays have lost good people like Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman to big money organizations but their philosophy continues to thrive.

Kevin Cash gets my nod for best MLB manager in 2018.

I've always known that bold, aggressive bullpenning works wonders. That's what I did 30 years ago in an S-O-M draft league when I decimated my opponents with early leveraging that was deemed by some to be outrageous.

Our rules and regulations were laxed way back then, making it easier for me to fulfill my stratagem.

Now I can try that again with the current tables posted on this website as playing tips. Those regulations will allow the gamer to do something that he must do for full enjoyment: Playing this game with total confidence. Confidence in the integrity of our game simulation.

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