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9/21/18 1:52 PM Quote
2018 Indians' 37 year old lefty reliever Oliver Perez' Yank Number currently is 0.396, meaning that more than 60 percent of the time when he yields his first baserunner via hit, walk, or HBP he will be knocked out in S-O-M 2018 SIM games when using Yank Numbers.

48 games
30 innings

0.90 ERA

WHIP .633

vs. RHB .073/.174/.073
vs. LHB .169/.194/.254

Another present day pitcher that S-O-M's 50/50 format would find difficult to simulate for accuracy.

Yank Number 0.396

Innings Max 1.2

I'll try to find a pitcher with at least 30 IP who has a lower Yank Number.

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